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Workshops will be guided by Francis Ortiz

@Kutastha Yoga Kundalini 

Cacao and Gong Ceremony

I invite you to this intimate circle where the vibration of the gong and the cacao ceremony come together to open our hearts and relax our nervous system.

Cacao allows us to access emotions conditions, and behavioural patterns trapped deep in the unconscious. The vibration of the Gong releases tension and body blockages, stimulates the function of the nervous, glandular and the upper respiratory system.

This workshop will be hosted on Saturday May 4th 2024,

4 - 6 pm 

Price: $50

Tea Ceremony

The origin of the tea ceremony can be traced back to the practice of Zen monks in China, who would drink tea around Buddha to pay homage to him. 

Over time, the practice of tea preparation and connecting with the essence of herb has become a sacred practice that leads us to introspection. It involves a ceremony where the value of the individual and the collective, converge to give meaning to the practice 

This workshop will be hosted on Sunday May 5th 2024, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Price: $50

Japa Mala Workshop

One of the tools that help us delve into meditation and quieting the mind into silence are Japa Mala.

Japa Malas are beautiful amulets, necklaces, or bracelets that have very valuable energetic properties for our daily lives which you can make in this workshop.

A Japa Mala is composed of 108 beads, plus the “guru” bead, and a tassel.

This workshop will be hosted on Saturday May 4th 2024, 12pm - 2pm

Price: $108

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